About us

Queen T – The Online Shop for Chinese Tea

At queen-t.ch you will find high-quality Chinese teas. We have a small but exclusive range of traditional teas and Chinese herbal teas. We also offer different sets, teaware, and great gift options. The company was founded by Maya Wohlgemuth in 2018. With Queen T, we share our knowledge about Chinese tea and hope that you will be just as enthusiastic about fine loose leaf teas as we are.

Queen T on the street (photo)

Who is behind Queen T

Maya is founder and driving force behind Queen T.During her time in China she discovered her passion for tea and thus wants to bring China’s rich tea culture back to Switzerland. Also involved is Lili, our business partner in China who is an important support to ensure product quality and smooth delivery.

Queen T and business partner in Laobanzhang, Yunnan, China (photo)

Our Vision

It’s our goal to make more people enjoy the beauties and pleasures of Chinese tea. An important aspect to achieve this is accessibility. That’s why we work very hard on making shopping easy for you. That’s why we designed our website in a simple design and offer you one green tea that we are especially excited about instead of making you choose between ten different green teas. That’s also why we share our knowledge about tea with you through our guide (in German) and our videos.

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Your Advantages

With Queen T, we share our expertise on tea and China. Through our close connection to China and Maya’s excellend command of Chinese language, we ensure the high quality of our teas and their production. Part of this is also our long-term cooperation with our suppliers. During our regular visits and our business partner in China, we also look out for new tea products and trends, as Chinese tea market is very innovative. That way, we supplement our basic tea range with new and exciting teas. Check out our Seasonal Specials section for more!

Queen T on tea plantation in China (photo)

Why Chinese tea?

Chinese tea and tea culture is at the core of Queen T. This is what we know best. Furthermore, we are convinced that you will only get excited about our tea we are knowledgable and passionate about our products.

All over the world, different tea cultures can be found. By choosing Chinese tea, we by no means want to imply that other tea cultures are inferior or less interesting. Rather, this was a personal choice to stick with what we know best.

Queen T learning about Chinese tea from her master (photo)

Our Tea Guide

You will find a lot of informations about tea in our tea guide. Here, we write about specific kinds of teas, ingredients and show you, how you can enjoy tea in a healthy way. For the moment, this guide exists in German only though me might add an English version at some point.

Queen T checking the quality of a tea in China (photo)