Black Tea Pearls

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Delicious Yunnan black tea in small, handy tea pearls.



Black Tea Pearls: Short Description

Processing of Black Tea Pearls: Sun-dried black tea (buds & leaves), bound together by hand and formed to pearls through steaming. Pleaso note that these pearls are made of tea leaves only, there are no flowers inside.

Preparation: Water temperature: 90°. Infuse 1 Pearl in a teapot for about 3 minutes, or for 2 minutes in a tea cup. Preparation in Gaiwan: Use 1 pearl and use the first very short  infusion to “wake up” the leaves, then discard. Starting from second infusion, steep for max. 1 minute per infusion. For more details, check out our video.

Provenience: Menghai, Yunnan, China

Altitude: 1000 m a.s.l.

Year of Picking: 2017
Price per cup: 0.25 CHF (1 pearl = ca. 3g, three infusions)

Drei Schwarztee-Perlen auf einem Tisch in Nahaufnahme

Our Black Tea Pearls in Detail

For our black tea lovers: We offer this speciality for short time only. The pearls are made from delicate  Yunnan black tea. This makes them easy to portion and to take the with you wherever you go.

The black tea used for these black tea pearls is a Dianhong, just as with our usual black tea. However, the leaves of this tea were dried in the sun which gives it an especially round and malty taste.

For making the pearls, already processed tea leaves are used. To make the leaves soft and supple, they get steamed for a short time. Now the leaves can be bound together by hand. With the aid of a piece of cloth, the round pearls are put into shape. Now they’re finished and left to dry.


Black Tea Pearls take a bit longer to infuse than loose leaf tea. Water temperature is hot, so 90°C or even boiling water. A pearl equals a portion, no matter what kind of container you use to infuse the tea. In a tea pot, steeping time is around 3 minutes, around 2 inutes in a tea cup and 1 minute max. in a Gaiwan. You should be able to make multiple infusions, 2-3 infusions in a tea cup, and up to 6 in a Gaiwan.


Schwarztee-Perle in Teebecher aus Glas aufgegossen (Black Tea Pearls)

We recommend using a glass container to infuse this tea. That way, you can watch your pearl slowly opening up. On the photo above, you see our Glass Tea Cup with Strainer, but also our Glass Tea Pot is very well suited for this tea. And as with most Chinese teas, using a Gaiwan is also a great option.

In our product video, you can have a better look at this tea as well as more instructions about how we infuse it (in German):


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