Ceramic Teacup (Glazed)

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You want to warm your hands on a cup of tea while dreamily looking out of a window? Get good vibes from our Glazed Ceramic Teacup!

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Ceramic Teacup: Short Description

This Glazed Ceramic Teacup fits comfortably into your hands, even without a handle. The colour is a beautiful off-white with dark brown speckles.

Made of ceramics, dishwasher-safe.

Volume: 330ml.

Our Glazed Ceramic Teacup in Detail

With our Glazed Ceramic Teacup, we have a great option for the ceramic lovers out there. We especially like how good this teacup feels in the hand. The surface is very smooth to the touch. With about 300g, this cup has a nice weight and underscores its quality. Finally, we love the playful detail of the three dents which gives this cup an asymentric shape.

This teacup can be used wor both our Chinese teas and our Chinese herbal teas. It is a good alternative to our smaller cups that are usually used for Chinese tea. You can either make your tea directly in the cup if you don’t mind the leaves or herbs in your tea. If you would rather separate the liquid and the tea, then you could combine it with our Glass Teapot. Or you use the Teapot with Infuser: That way, you can combine a big cup of tea with the traditional Chinese way of brewing tea and thus enjoy its unique flavours.

Our Recommendations

Tea and Ceramics are a perfect combination. However, you should remember that the surface of ceramic is not completely sealed as would be the case with porcelain, for example. This means, that you should rather not drink various strongly-flavoured beverages such as coffee out of this cup. Otherwise, your tea will have a slight coffe note. So ideally you would only drink beverages with more light flavours from this cup or then stick to one kind of drink.

Are you afraid that you will burn your fingers on a cup without a handle? Then consider this: The Ceramic Teacup is made of a rather tick layer of ceramic, so it won’t get as hot as a thin porcelain cup. However, if you add boiling water to the cup, it will still heat up considerably. Depending on how sensitive you are to heat, we recommend not to fill the cup up to the rim but leave about two centimetres. Now you can hold the cup on this top part without burning your fingers.

Also, if you pour tea from a teapot into the cup, then the temperature is considerably below boiling point. That means, that the cup will not get quite as hot. Instead, the cup warms up nicely and will keep your hands warm and cozy.

If you want to have a closer look at our Ceramic Teacup, why don’t you check our our product video (with English subtitles):


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