Chinese Herbal Tea Set

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Our Chinese Herbal Tea Set offers you a perfect introduction into the world of Chinese herbal tea with a variety of three different teas.

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Chinese Herbal Tea Set: Short Description

With our Chinese Herbal Tea Set you can try out all our delicious Chinese herbal teas.

In the box you will find tollowing three mixtures of traditional Chinese herbs: Eight Treasures Tea with Fruits and with Flowers (each 4x), and Chrysanthemum & Goji (7x).

Each tea is portioned in a beautiful semi-transparent bag. A bag equals one portion of herbal tea in a cup or a tea pot. You will find informaiton about the preparation of the teas in a small leaflet inside the box.

To ensure the best quality of our herbs, we buy them from a Swiss import company specialised in Chinese herbs. However, we mix and portion the herbal teas ourselves.

Allergens: Contains walnut and sesame

Assembled and packaged by Queen T

Ingredients of the teas:

Eight Treasures Tea Fruits: Jujube*, dried apple (Germany), Longan*, Goji Berries*, green or black tea (China), Walnut (Moldavia), Chrysanthemum*, Sesame (Egypt).

Eight Treasures Tea Flowers: Jujube*, Longan fruit*, Goji Berries*, green or black tea (China), Japanese rose bud*, Tangerine peel*, Chrysanthemum*, Jasmin flower (Poland).

Chrysanthemum & Goji: Goji Berries* and Chrysanthemum*

Ingredients marked with * are from China and were imported through Lian Chinaherb, Switzerland.

Our Chinese Herbal Tea Set in Detail

We think that traditional Chineese herbal teas should be more well known in Switzerland. This is because they not only have beneficial effects but also taste and look great. Therefore, give Chinese herbs a try next time you feel like having a cup of herbal tea! This set with a selection of different teas will give you a great starting point for your expolorations.

Chinese herbal tea set: Close up of herbs

Eight Treasures Teas are originally from China’s Northwest where also most of the ingredients (the dried fruit, but also the nuts) grow. There are many different recipes of which we chose two classic mixtures. Both will help you feel balanced but have a very different taste. Whereas the “Fruits” mixture is sweeter, the “Flowers” mixture will surprise you with its subtle flavours.

Chrysanthemum & Goji is a classic duo which makes for a great refreshment during the hot season.


Chinese Herbal Teas are very easy to make. First, put a portion of tea into a cup or tea pot and add boiling water. Second, put a lid on it and wait for 4-5 minutes. Third, enjoy your tea.You will find all the information about the teas and the preparation on a leaflet in the box.

In case you want to have more information about a specific tea, check out the individual product page where we have a lot more details and product videos.

If you want to have a closer look at our Chinese Herbal Tea Set, then go ahead and watch our product video (English subtitles):


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