Chinese Tea Set

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This Chinese Tea Set in a beautiful light blue porcelain allows you to get the best from your Chinese tea leaves.

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Chinese Tea Set: Short Description

Our Chinese Tea Set has everything you need for preparing a perfect cup of Chinese tea. And it’s also very aesthetically pleasing: the light blue porcellain is carefully crafted and has a beautiful shape. The blue colour contrasts beautifully with the dark brown details.

Our Chinese Tea Set consists of: 1 lidded cup (130ml), 6 cups (50ml each), 1 strainer and 1 stand. The set comes in a nice and sturdy box in which the set can also be stored.

Made of porcelain, dishwasher-safe.

Our Chinese Tea Set in Detail

If you are really serious about your tea, then you will love our Chinese Tea Set. The set consists of nine carefully crafted items. At the center is the Gaiwan, or lidded cup. This is where you steep your tea. After steeping, you will need the sieve to keep your tea clear from any parts of the leaves. Second, you need the small pitcher, or Gong Dao Bei in Chinese, meaning “Justice Cup”. Put the sieve on top of the pitcher and pour the tea from the cup through a small gap between cup and lid into the pitcher. Then, take the pitcher and pour the tea into the cups. Now you can enjoy your tea!

Because the leaves are not steeping all the time, you can make several infusions with one portion of tea.

You want to see how exatly the set works? It’s easier than it sounds, just watch us how we do it in our product video:

Our Recommendations

The Chinese Tea Set, as the name suggests, is made for Chinese tea. We recommend it for our classic kinds of tea. Green Tea, however, is more often enjoyed in a mug. For our traditional Chinese herbal teas we rather recommend our teapot or a teacup.

We sell the following components individually: Small Tea Cups and Gaiwan. Either as add-ons or as a replacement.


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