Chrysanthemum & Goji Tea

This classic duo of Chrysanthemum and Goji refreshes and delights. A box contains 21 single portions, each about 1g.

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Chrysanthemum and Goji Short Description

Chrysanthemum and Goji herbal tea.

Ingredients: Contains Goji Berries and Chrysanthemum. All ingredients are from China and were imported through Lian Chinaherb, Switzerland.

Assembled and packaged by Queen T.

Preparation: Water temperature: 100°. For preparation in a tea pot or mug: Infuse one portion for ca. 4 minutes. For more details, check out our video.

Our Chrysanthemum and Goji Tea in Detail

The duo of chrysanthemum and goji berries is a very popular every day tea in China. The taste is mild and the slightly bitter notes of the chrysanthemums is balanced by the sweetness of the goji berries. Chrysanthemums (Chinese: Ju Hua, lat. Chrysanthemi Flos) grow in different regions of China, our “Hangzhou Chrysanthemum” grow in the eastern Province of Zhejiang.

Chrysanthemum and goji: ingredients of herbal tea (photo)

They are typical autumn flowers, and apart from their great qualities for a tea, they are also very decorative.

Goji berries (Chinese: Gouqi, Gou Qi Zi, also wolfberry, lat. Lycium barbarium or Lycii Fructus) are from the hot northwestern Provinces of China. They are also used a lot in Chinese cuisine, especially for soups and sauces.


Our herbal tea with chrysanthemum and goji is a great refreshment for the hot season but also for every other occasion. The taste is fresh and not very dominant, so it goes well with food.

For infusing it, just give a portion into a tea pot or mug and pour boiling water on it. Cover the container with a lid in order to keep the warmth inside. After about four minutes, your tea should be ready. As long as water temperature stays fairly warm, you can keep adding boiling water. That way, you can enjoy this tea for a longer time.

It can happen that the chrysanthemum turn bluish in color. This is a sign that it’s time for fresh tea because the flowers have started to oxidise. The tea is still drinkable, though.

As matching teaware we recommend our tea pot or one of our glass cups or our ceramic cup. Watch our product video for even more information (English subtitles):


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