Cute Cat Cup

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You are a cat and a tea person? Our Cute Cat Cup is made for you.

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Cute Cat Cup: Short Description

You want more cute kitty in your life? Then you’ll love our Cute Cat Cup! Our cup is made of glass and has a porcelain strainer and lid.

All parts dishwasher-safe.
Volume: 330ml.

Our Cute Cat Cup in Detail

The highlight of this teacup is the lid with cat ears and a very relaxed kitty face on it. But also the rest is carefully designed: The glass cup has a nice round shape and the sieve has enough small openings so that your tea will be very tasty.

You can also use the lid as a saucer if you turn it around. However, because of the cat ears, it lies at an angle, so be carfull that the strainer doesn’t drop out of it. Depending on how you prefer, you can remove the strainer to drink your tea, or just leave it in the cup.

The cup is very easy to clean: All parts are safe to clean in a dishwasher, and also the cat print won’t wear off.

With a volume of 33oml the cup contains a good portion for one  person. If better hydration is your goal, then this cup will be a great companion.

Our Recommendations

Our Cute Cat Cup is suitable for all our teas, be it the traditional Chinese teas or our Chinese herbal teas. However, because the sieve is made of porcelain, you can’t watch your tea steeping as with our Glass Tea Mug. The lid will keep your tea just as warm as this mug.

Without the strainer, you can use the teacup just like a cup. You can combine it with our Glass Teapot or our Teapot with Infuser.

You want to have yet another look at the cute kitty? Then check out our product video (English subtitles):


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