Double Wall Glass Cup

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Your tea is well-insulated in our Double Wall Glass Cup and also looks especially beautiful.

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Double Wall Glass Cup: Short Description

In China, tea is usually drunk in small tea cups so that you can enjoy your tea freshly brewed. Our small Double Wall Glass Cup is ideal for that and also makes your tea look very good.

Aaand, you can use it as shot glass 😉.

Made of glass, dishwasher-safe.

Volume: 50ml.

* Gift wrap: We will, of course, wrap all our cups as a gift. For technical reasons, we would like to ask you to order one cup as a gift and the others without if you order several cups. That way, you only pay once for the gift wrapping. If your really only want one cup wrapped as a gift and others without, then please write us a comment at checkout. To make thinks simple, you can also just get our Cup Set with 6 pieces.

Our Double Wall Glass Cup in Detail

Double Wall Glas insulates very well. Thus, you will never burn your fingers on our Double Wall Glass Cup, no matter how hot the tea is. With its round shape, it lies comfortably in the hand.

In this teacup, the colour of your tea shows especially well. That’s why this cup is great if you want to compare different teas or just have a closer look at the liquid. And if you want to take beautiful tea photos, then this is a great choice.

As usual with glass, the Double Wall Glass Cup can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Try to avoid large changes in temperature. However, pouring freshly brewed tea into the cups is no problem.

You can buy these cups individually or as a set with 6 pieces at a special discount.

Our Recommendations

Our Double Wall Glass Cup works well with our classic Chinese teas. Or you can enjoy your Chinese herbal teas in them, made in our Glass Teapot. You can also add them to your Chinese Tea Set or our Teapot with Infuser. They are a good option if you serve tea to several people.

For a closer look, check out our product video (English subtitles):


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