Eight Treasures Tea Fruits

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This Eight Treasures Tea with Fruits is a classic mixture of herbs from Chine’s hot Northwest and will refresh you with it’s complex, fruity taste.

A box contains twelve single portions, each about 7g.

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Eight Treasures Tea with Fruits: Short Description

Our Eight Treasures Tea with Fruits contains the following ingredients:
Jujube*, dried apple (Germany), Longan*, Goji Berries*, green or black tea (China), Walnut (Moldavia), Chrysanthemum*, Sesame (Egypt).
Ingredients marked with * are from China and were imported through Lian Chinaherb, Switzerland.

Allergens: Contains sesame and walnut.

Assembled and packaged by Queen T

Our Eight Treasures Tea with Fruits in Detail

As the name suggests, this herbal tea consists of 8 ingredients. We were inspired by traditional recipes of Eight Treasures Teas (chin. Ba Bao Cha or San Pao Tai) for this mixture. The dried fruits are a reminder of its origin in northwestern China. There you can find not only jujube (red dates, chin. Da Zao, lat. Jujubae fructus) and Goji-Berries (chin. Gou Qi Zi, lat. Lycii fructus) but also walnuts, sesame, and apples.

Eight treasures tea with fruits: Photo of wine garden in xinjiang

Eight Treasures Tea is originally a tea of the muslim Hui ethnicity mainly in the Provinces of Ningxia, Xinjiang, Gansu, and Qinghai. There, it oftens accompanies meals.

Amongst the many varieties of Eight Treasures Tea, we decided for this one because we love its balanced flavour. Ensuring high quality of Chinese herbs is very important to us. This is why we buy them from a Swiss supplier specialised in herbs. Then, we mix them ourselves. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between the mixture with black tea and with green tea.


This tea has a round, balanced flavour through the combination of sweet fruits and the slight bitterness of the flowers and nuts. It’s suitable for almost any occasion.

Preparing the tea is very simple: Take a portion Eight Treasures Tea with Fruits and pour boiling water on it. Wait for a few minutes and enjoy! Ideally, the cup or pot should be covered by a lid to keep the warmth inside.

Eight treasures tea with fruits in a cup (photo)

Steeping time depends on how much water you use for one portion of tea. Traditionally, this tea is infused in a lidded cup. If you use one, then two to three minutes steeping time are enough and you can have several refils. In a cup (such as our kitty cup or our bamboo cup) the herbs should steep around four minutes. Several refils are possible. In a tea pot, the tea should steep for at least five minutes to make sure you get a strong enough infusion. Depending on the amount of water, you can get a second infusion.

The fruits give the tea a sweet flavour but you can add rock sugar or other sweeteners.

For even more details, watch our product video (English subtitles):


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