Fermented Pu Erh Tea

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Our Fermented Pu Erh (Puer) leaves a lingering sweetness on your palate. The flavour is intense and has a mineral, earthy aroma.

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Fermented Pu Erh: Short Description

Processing: Hand-picked tea leaves. Fermented pu erh is made of raw pu erh.

Preparation: Water temperature: 100°. For preparation in a tea pot: Infuse 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for ca. 3 minutes. For more details, check out our video.

Provenience: Menghai, Yunnan, China

Altitude: 2000 m a.s.l.

Year of Picking: 2017

Price per cup: 0.25 CHF (5g of leaves per portion, three infusions)

Our Fermented Pu Erh in Detail

If you want to try a completely different tea, then we recommend you try this Fermented pu erh (also: Puer or Pu’er). Fans of this tea love its intensive mineral and earthy flavour. Next to raw puer, this is the most famous tea of Yunnan Province. The fermentation process was originally invented in order to imitate the taste of an aged raw puer. By now, this kind of pu erh is enjoyed for its unique flavours.

Fermented puer processing: sorting out bad leaves by hand (photo)

Raw pu erh is the basic material for making fermented pu erh. The tea leaves are first sifted through by hand to sort out any bad leaves. Then the leaves are piled up into big piles. Air temperature and humidity of the room are essential for a good and even fermentation. The bacterial and fungal cultures fermenting the leaves differ from each tea factory. The details of this process of fermentation are a well-kept secret of every processing facility.

Fermentation takes several weeks to be completed. After that, the leaves have turned dark brown and have a grainy surface texture. It is then usually pressed into certain shapes. If you ever go to Yunnan, you will see that many places have decoration pieces made of pu erh. Here is a picture of “pu erh bricks” found in our hotel in Xushuangbanna:

Fermented Puer bricks as wall decoration (photo)

As with Raw Pu Erh, we decided to sell loose Fermented pu erh. If you are a fan of tea cakes, make sure to check out our seasonal offers, we occasionally offer them there.


This tea can be infused with boiling water. We also recommend to use little water for the first infusion and then decant it immediately. This step helps to “clean” the leaves and make them ready for the first actual infusion. Now that you tea is already wet, it will give off its aroma more easily.

Watch our product video if you want to see how we infuse our Fermented pu erh (English subtitles).

This tea goes will with all kinds of teaware, be it a cup, a tea pot or a teaset. We particularly enjoy this kind of tea to warm up during the cold season.


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