Gaiwan – Lidded Cup for Chinese Tea

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Combines practicality and aestheticism: a lidded cup is a must-have for all Chinese tea lovers.

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Gaiwan – Lidded Cup for Chinese Tea: Short Description

A Gaiwan is a must for Chinese tea lovers. It’s just as beautiful as handy and will help you make delicious tea. The lidded cup is part of our Chinese Tea Set but is also a beautiful addition to your other teaware.

Made of porcelain, dishwasher-safe

Volume: 130ml.

Our Gaiwan: Detailed Description

We love our Gaiwan for making Chinese tea. “Gaiwan” (盖碗) in Chinese means literally “Lid Cup”, that’s why we translate it as “lidded cup”. A lidded cup consists of three parts: A lid, the cup, and a saucer.

You add the tea and the water into the cup. With the lid, you can control the temperature by either covering the cup while steeping or keeping it open. Once steeping time is over, you can pour out the tea liquid through a small gap betweed the lid and the cup. Thus, the lid also functions as a sieve and keeps the tea inside the cup.

If you make tea this way, you will also need other teaware, such as a container to pour the tea into. Also, you will need cups. If you all the teaware needed at once, you can have a look at our Tea Set.

To make things more simple, you can also drink directly from the cup. This is especially suitable for our traditional Chinese herbal teas because they can steep for longer times. Just keep adding water while drinking, that way you will get quite a lot of tea from the herbs.

Our Recommendations

We recommend the Gaiwan especially for our Chinese Teas. As Chinese tea is usually made in such a lidded cup, it’s literally made for these teas.

If you don’t want to invest into an entire Chinese Tea Set, you can also drink directly from the lidded cup. That way you will have less control over steeping time, and thus the flavour of your tea. That is why we recommend this method mainly for our herbal teas. But this is just our preference, try out what works for you!

Maybe you want to see step by step how our Gaiwan works. Then watch our product video (English subtitles):


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