Glass Teapot with Sieve and Bamboo Handle 0,6l

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Our beautiful Glass Teapot makes your teatime even more enjoyable! With every teapot, two glass tea cups are included for free.

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Glass Teapot: Short Description

Our Glass Teapot stands out due to its lovely details. The bamboo handle adds a little extra something to the nicely shaped pot, sieve, and lid that are all made of glass. With every teapot you will also get two high-quality glass cups for free (volume 150ml each)!

All parts made of glass are dishwasher-safe. We recommend you take off the bamboo handle, though (to see how we do it, watch our video with English subtitles).

Volume: 600ml.

Our Glass Teapot in Detail

We chose this Glass Teapot because it not only looks very good, but also has all the parts needed for a good teapot. First of all, the glass is a great material which also allows you to see your tea while it is steeping. It also doesn’t absorb any flavours and therefore can be used for all kinds of beverages.

Also, we think it is absolutely necessary that you have some kind of control over the steeping time of your tea. That’s why we chose this teapot with a sieve.

Finally, we love the handle made of bamboo. It complements the rater plain glass elements and gives it a natural touch.

Our Recommendation

With every teapot, we will include two glass cups for free. If you want more cups that go with this teapot: We offer several options for teacups to go with the teapot. If you like the Chinese way of sipping tea from small cups, our Double Wall Glass Teacup or our Porcelain Teacups might be for you. If you prefer to drink from a bigger cup, you might have a look at our Glazed Ceramic Cup. And if you are a real bamboo fan, then we also have a Teacup with Bamboo Lid.

The teapot can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, we recommend to take off the handle because the bamboo is more sensitive. In order to remove it, just bend the wires at the end.

The handle might or might not be already attached to the teapot. This is because of packaging reasons. So when you use it for the first time, you might have to bend the wires at the end of the handle to attach it. In order to get a nice, even bend, we recommend you use a pen to bend the wire around. Sounds complicated? It’s not! Just see how we do it in our product video (English subtitles):


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