Golden Oolong Tea

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Für den Spätherbst haben wir einen ganz besonderen Tee im Angebot: Gold Oolong aus Yunnan. Dieser Tee hat den typischen reichen, aber milden Geschmack von Oolong, ergänzt durch die malzige Süsse eines Schwarztees.

Der ideale Tee für graues Wetter!

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Golden Oolong Tea: Short Description

Processing: Hand-picked tea leaves. This Golden Oolong is processed like an Oolong tea but oxidised like a black tea. That’s why it has a dark colour.

Preparation: Water temperature: 90°. For preparation in a tea pot: Infuse 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for about 3 minutes.

Provenience: Tengchong, Yunnan, China

Altitude: 2100 m a.s.l.

Year of Picking: 2017


Our Oolong tea in Detail

We have chosen a special tea for this autumn season: a Golden Oolong. It has its name from the golden colour of the tea. This rather untypical coloration is because the leaves oxidise much longer than a typical oolong tea, much more like a black tea. The processing is the same, though, as a Oolong. So this tea is a good example of an innovative, new Chinese tea!

Also the taste of this tea is in between a black tea and a oolong. This Golden Oolong combines the malty sweetness of a black tea with the richt, fruity aroma of an oolong.

Golden Oolong Tea growing area in China (photo)This tea grows in the same area as our Oolong Tea. It thus has a great ecological environment to grow and provides the locals of this mountain valley with a great opportunity to work.

Whereas the picking of the leaves is by hand, the processing is through machines. The leaves are shaken and withered. This enhances oxidation which is the next step. This process takes much longer than with a normal oolong and the goal is complete oxidation as in a black tea.

Golden Oolong processing machine (photo)

Then, the leaves are transferred to a rolling machine which shapes them into small pearls. The final step is roasting, through which the leaves are dried.


Because the leaves are rolled, you only need very little tea for a portion. You can steep it longer than other teas to give the leaves more time to expand. After they unrolled, you will see that only whole leaves were used!

The subtle flavours of this Oolong tea will show particularly well if you use a Lidded Cup or an Infuser Pot but also a cup or a tea pot work perfectly well. Preparation is very similar to our Oolong tea, so check out our product video to see how we infuse it.


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