Green Tea

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Only the most tender buds were used for this refreshing green tea.

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Green Tea: Short Description

Processing: Our Green Tea consists of hand-picked and hand-processed tea buds, roasted.

Preparation: Water temperature: 75°. For preparation in a tea pot: Infuse 3 teaspoons of tea leaves for ca. 2 minutes. For more details, check out our video.

Provenience: Menghai, Yunnan, China

Altitude: 1100-1300 m a.s.l.

Year of Picking: 2017


Our Green Tea in Detail

Our Green Tea is special in two ways: First, it consists entirely of tea buds which leads to a much less bitter taste than green teas made from tea leaves. Second, it is made in Yunnan where mainly old tea trees are grown. The fairly big buds and leaves of these tea trees are usually used to make puer tea but the can – as in our case – also be processed into green tea. This is the reason for its rich flavours. Also, the tea gardens in the mountains around Menghai are a great ecological environment for the tea plants.

green tea buds foto of tea tree in yunnan

The buds are picked and processed by hand. After picking, they are roasted in big woks in order to stop oxidation and thus preserve the valuable ingredients of the young shoots. Roasting in woks is typical for Chinese green teas and is the reason why they taste different from Japanese green teas because those are usually steamed.

green tea roasting in a wok

After roasting, the buds are gently rolled and then spread out on bamboo mats for drying. Now processing of our green tea is already done.


Green tea is a perfect tea during hot season as it is said to have a cooling effect. You can enjoy its fresh, aromatic taste especially if you infuse it at rather low temperature (around 75°C). Steeping time is also important: Do not let it steep for longer than two minutes unless you keep adding water. If you steep your green tea for too long, the subtle flavours will be covered up by bitterness.

We also have a video about how to avoid common mistakes (English subtitles):

As for teaware, we recommend the Meow Glass Cup or the Bamboo Glass Cup. This because by using a glass container, you will be able to observe how the buds slowly absorb the water and dance up and down in the cup.

Watch our product video for more information (English subtitles):


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