Set with Chinese Tea: Our Starter Set

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Our Set with Chinese Tea offers a little bit of everything for the curious. Contains 6 different kinds of Chinese tea and 3 kinds of herbal tea in a beautiful box.

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Set with Chinese Tea: Short Description of our Starter Set

Our Set with Chinese Tea is a great way to try out our different Chinese teas and herbal teas.

The Starter Set comes in a beautiful box and contains a total of 15 portions: Two portions each of White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Raw Pu Erh Tea, Fermented Pu Erh Tea, and one portion each of Eight Treasures Tea Fruits and Flowers, and Chrysanthemum & Goji.

All our teas are from China and are processed the traditional way. That means that they are picked by hand and partly also processed by hand.

In the box, you will also find a leaflet with instructions about the preparation of each tea. Of course, you can also come on our website and look at each tea on their individual product page.

Allergens: Contains sesame and walnut (in Eight Treasures Tea with Fruits)

Assembled and packaged by Queen T

Our Chinese Tea Starter Set in Detail

With this Set with Chinese Tea, we put together a set that makes trying different Chiense teas fun and easy. Because Chinese Tea is not very common in Switzerland, we wanted to give you an option to taste different teas without having to buy a larger amount of tea that you might not even like.

Set with Chinese Tea: Close up of tea bud

Chinese tea is very diverse and each kind of tea has countless varieties. We decided to offer you one tea of every kind that we particularily like. Thus, we make choosing the right tea easy for you. These teas you will find in our “Tea” section and also in this Starter Set. The same goes for our Chinese herbal teas which we mix ourselves. With 6 different teas and 3 Chinese herbal teas, this set offers you a great starting point for exploring our teas.

If you want to try different teas, check our our Seasonal Tea Speciality! Here, we offer great teas that are different from our basic tea varieties for limited time only.

Quality is very important to us. That’s why we select our suppliers carefully and visit their production sites regularly. Apart from the processing of the tea leaves we also put great emphasis on the environment in which the tea grows and a professional production according to quality standards.

The herbs for our herbal teas are also from China but we don’t import them ourselves. This is because Chinese herbs have different quality attributes than tea and thus we rely on the know-how of a specialised company. However, we make the mixtures portion the teas ourselves.


Each tea is slightly different in preparation. In the box, you will find a leaflet with all the informations about each tea. Furthermore, you can also find videos and more details about each tea on the product pages of our website. So if you are not sure, you might find help there.

You want to see more of our Set with Chinese Tea? Then our product video might be for you (English subtitles):


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