Small Tea Cup (Porcelain)

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Small and beautiful: the Small Tea Cup made of Porcelain from our tea set. The light blue of the porcelain contrasts beautifully with the dark brown rim.

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Small Tea Cup (Porcelain): Short Description

Our Small Tea Cup is made of porcelain and and has a delicate light blue colour. The subtle dark brown rim detail creates a beautiful contrast. With its shape and high-quality porcelain, it sits comfortably in your hand. As with the Double Wall Glass Cups, these cups are especially suited for Chinese tea.

Made of porcelain, dishwasher-safe.

Volume: 50ml.

* Gift wrap: We will, of course, wrap all our cups as a gift. For technical reasons, we would like to ask you to order one cup as a gift and the others without if you order several cups. That way, you only pay once for the gift wrapping. If your really only want one cup wrapped as a gift and others without, then please write us a comment at checkout. To make thinks simple, you can also just get our Cup Set with 6 pieces.

Our Small Tea Cup in Detail

Our cups are especially suited to drinking freshly brewed tea. This is because they only hold a small quantity of tea (50ml). Also, the rather flat shape with a wide opening speeds up cooling down, as there is more surface area.

You can buy these teacups individually or in a set of 6 pieces at a special discount.

The cups are easy to clean as they are dishwasher-safe.

Our Recommendations

Our Small Tea Cup is an elegant addition to different kinds of teaware. Either you add the cups to your Chinese Tea Set or replace a broken cup. Or you use them in combination with a teapot, such as our Glass Tea Pot or our Teapot with Infuser.

Chinese Tea is usually enjoyed in small cups because it makes it possible to drink freshly brewed tea without burning your mouth. Apart from our Chinese teas, you can also drink our Chinese herbal teas from them.

Check out our product video to see more details (English subtitles):


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