Tea Gift Set: Individual Set with Chinese Tea

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Looking for a tea gift? Then this beautiful gift box with a bamboo lid is a good choice. For every box, you can choose the content of the three tins – every combination is possible, be it three times the same tea or three different kinds of tea. Giftwrapping included in price.



Tea Gift Set: Short Description

Our Tea Gift Set is a great gift for a classy tea lover.

The content of our set can be chosen individually. You can choose three teas from our six basic Chinese tea varieties. Any combination is possible, be it three times the same or three different teas.

The box is coated with a textile fabric which gives it a very pleasant touch. The tins are made of firm cardboard with the same textile outer layer. On the inside, a coat of aluminium makes sure that the tea doesn’t lose flavour. The overall colour is eggshell white. The lid is made of bamboo and can be used as a tray. This works particularly well with our Chinese Tea Set.

The price consists of a basic price of 40 CHF plus the price of the teas selected. The amount of tea per tin varies because it depends on the volume of the tea. Amount and price per tea as listed below:

White Tea    40g   6.50 CHF
Green Tea   50g   17 CHF
Black Tea   50g   17 CHF
Oolong Tea   100g   23 CHF
Raw Pu Erh Tea   35g   7 CHF
Fermented Pu Erh Tea   100g   14 CHF

Gift Box measurements: 36.2cm x 16.2cm x 11.2cm

Our Tea Gift Set in Detail

Tea always makes a great gift. That’s why we offer all our teas with the option of a special gift wrap. But if you are looking for something more special, then our Tea Gift Set is for you. The high-quality gift box is the perfect packaging for our delicious Chinese teas.

The content of our Tea Gift Set is completely up to your choice. Depending on the preferences of the tea lover in your life, you can compose a tea gift just for them. You can chose from all the teas we offer in our “Tea” section.

Tea Gift Set: Photo of Tea buds and bamboo in the background

Quality is very important to us. That’s why we select our suppliers carefully and visit their production sites regularly. Apart from the processing of the tea leaves, we also put great emphasis on the environment in which the tea grows and a professional production according to quality standards. That way we make sure you can enjoy your tea without worrying.


Different teas have to be prepared differently. In order for the recipient to know what tea they are getting and how to prepare them, every tin has a special label with the name of the tea and instructions.

If you want to have a closer look at our Tea Gift Set, then watch our product video (English subtitles):


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