Teapot with Infuser 0,6l

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Our Teapot with Infuser is your choice if you want to get the most from your Chinese tea without an entire Tea Set.

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Teapot with Infuser: Short Description

Our Teapot with Infuser consists of a glass pot with black plastic handle and a removable infuser made of plastic and stainless steel. By pushing the button, the water strains from the infuser to the tea pot, thus making sure that your tea steeps only as long as you want it to. This teapot is ideal for our high-quality Chinese teas! You will have full control over the taste of your tea.

The pot is dishwasher-safe. However, you should clean the removable infuser by hand.

With every infuser, we include two glass cups as a gift, each cup has a volume of 150ml.

Volume: 600ml.

Our Teapot with Infuser in Detail

This Teapot is made for Chinese Tea. We don’t recommend it for our Chinese Herbal Teas, beacuse these should be steeped for a longer time.

This teapot is especially hand as it combines several functions into one device. Similar to a Gaiwan, the idea is that the tea leaves only steep for a short amount of time. As soon as steeping time is over, the water is removed from the leaves. Thus, the leaves stay aromatic for many infusions. In a Chinese Tea Set the water is removed by pouring it into a small pitcher. With this infuser you don’t need this extra device: You just press the button and the tea will flow into the teapot below the infuser.

Our Recommendations

The upper part of the teapot, the infuser, is where the tea leaves go. Then you add the water and let them steep as long as you want. When your tea is ready, just press the button on the lid. Now, the tea flows from the infuser into the teapot and is ready for you to enjoy. If you want more tea in one go, just make more infusions until the teapot is full. Or you just enjoy how every infusion tastes slightly different by drinking each infusion seperately.

The infuser comes with two glass cups. If you want more cups, we offer several options: Either our Double Wall Glass Cups or our Porcelain Cups are your choice if you enjoy your tea sip by sip. However, if you prefer a larger cup, then the Glazed Ceramic Teacup is for you.

You shouldn’t clean the removable infuser in a dishwasher. The plastic will wear down much more quickly because of the chemicals. If you use your infuser cup fairly often, you might notice that it will get a slight brownish decoloration. To remove it, you can add salt water or water with kitchen vinegar to the infuser and let it sit for a while. Then gently rub it with a sponge. However, in the lowest part where the stainless steal sieve is, you can’t avoid discoloration because you can’t reach it from top.

You want to see a step-by-step explanation of how this Teapot with Infuser works? Then our product video might help you (with English subtitles):


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