White Tea

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Our White Tea is a Yunnan speciality that combines a delicate, fruity taste with a honey-sweet aftertaste.

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White Tea: Short Description

Processing: Our white tea consists of tea buds and leaves, picked by hand.

Preparation: Water temperature: 90°. For preparation in a tea pot: Infuse 3 teaspoons of tea leaves for ca. 2 minutes. For more details, check out our video.

Provenience: Nanping, Yunnan, China

Altitude: 1300 m a.s.l.

Year of Picking: 2019

Price per cup: 0.5 CHF (5g of leaves per portion, three infusions)

Our White Tea in Detail

Our White Tea is also from Yunnan and is made from the typical large leaves and buds of tea trees. Different from cerain white teas (but similar to Bai Mu Dan), it is not entirely made of tea buds and thus has a fuller aroma. The name of this tea is Yue Guang Bai which translates as “Moonlight White Tea.” This name is due to the fact that the buds covered in fine hairs have a silver colour, whereas the leaves are almost black on the reverse side.

White tea drying on bamboo baskets

Processing is very simple: After picking young shoots (usually one bud and one to two leaves), they are spread out on shallow bamboo baskets. Then they are left to dry slowly in the open air.

white tea drying in baskets (photo)

This slow drying process leads to the characteristic colouring of the buds and leaves. During processing, the leaves oxidise slightly, so they are neither non-oxidised like green tea, nor do they have a higher degree of oxidation such as black tea or oolong.


Our White Tea is fairly simple to handle. The ideal water temperature is around 90°C. Depending on your personal taste you can either let it steep for a short time only. In this case, you will notice its subtle, flowery flavours. If you prefer a stronger taste, you can also infuse it for several minutes in which case the colour of the liquid will turn golden yellow and the taste is more tart and tangy. Whichever method you choose, we love this tea for its intense honey flavour. This tea is suitable for any kind of teaware, be it the Chinese Tea Set, a Glass Mug, or a Tea Pot. Watch our product video to learn even more about our White Tea (English subtitles):



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