Yellow Tea

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A flowery tea for the transition periods of spring and autumn.



Yellow Tea Short Description

Processing Yellow Tea: Young shoots with one bud and one to two leaves, picked by hand. Slightly oxidized.

Preparation: Water temperature: 85°. For preparation in a tea pot: Infuse 2 teaspoons of tea leaves (5g)  for about 2 minutes. For preparation in Gaiwan: 1-2 teaspoons (4g).

Provenience: Nanping, Yunnan, China

Altitude: 1300 m a.s.l.

Year of Picking: 2019

Price per cup: 0.4 CHF (5g of leaves per portion, three infusions)

Our Yellow Tea in Detail

Yellow tea is a rare delicacy. Its mild et flowery taste matches well with changable weather in spring and autumn. Our yellow tea is from Yunnan, where tea trees of the Camellia Sinensis Var. Assamica grow. These teas typically have large buds and leaves and offer a very rich aroma. The tea gardens in the mountains around Nanping offer a great ecological environment for the tea plants to grow and flourish.

Yellow tea: photo of tea trees in the mist

For this tea, young shoots with one bud and one to two leaves are picked from the tea trees. After picking, the leaves are left to slightly wither. Then, as with green tea, they are roasted in order to stop oxidation. Now they are rolled in shape. After being heated in an oven, small piles of leaves are now wrapped in damp cloths. This „break“ allows the leaves to oxidize slightly and gives it its distinct taste. This process of heating and wrapping is repeated and then the processing is finished with baking the leaves in the oven until they are completely dry.

Yellow tea leaves in gaiwan in foreground, a cup with yellow tea in the background

Our Yellow Tea: Preparation

Water temperature around 85°C is ideal for our yellow tea. If you infuse the tea in a mug or tea pot, use 1-2g leaves per 100ml of water. The steeping time is about 2 minutes. You can reinfuse the leaves 2-3 more times, so don’t throw them away after the first infusion! If you infuse your tea Gongfu Style (Gaiwan or Infuser Pot) then use about 5g. Let the leaves steep for 30-60sec and you should be able to enjoy at least 6 infusions.

If you’re interested in coffeine in tea, watch our video about how to lower coffeine when infusing tea!


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