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We are all about high-quality Chinese tea 😍

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5 reasons to shop with Queen T


We select our products very carefully and visit our suppliers on a regular basis. That way we can guarantee that not only our tea, but also our teaware and packaging meet our high standards of quality.


We want to make Chinese tea accessible. That is why we offer you comprehensive information about our products. You will find that every products has its own product video. For more general discussions about Chinese tea, make sure to visit our Youtube channel (English subtitles)!


We put a lot of work in the design of our packaging in order for it to be beautiful and pratical at the same time. By chosing risography for our labels, our tea packaging gets a stylish finish. Thus, our teas will make a nice gift – with or without gift wrapping.


We want you to choose the most suitable option for you. That is why we offer several options for payment and delivery.

With our selection of products, we were very careful about giving you options but not overwhelming you with too many choices.


Queen T is SSL-encrypted so that you can feel safe while shopping on our website.

If you want to find out how we handle your data, you will find the details in our Privacy Statement.

queen t home

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